Where can I find Chansey in Pokemon planet?

What are the chances of finding a chansey?

Chansey comes in 10km eggs, which are the rarest in the game. Any time you get one, be sure to pop it into an egg incubator ASAP, and hope. The odds of hatching a Chansey from a 10km egg are still pretty low, probably in the 3% range, but hatch enough and you might get lucky.

Where do you find legendary Pokemon in Pokemon planet?

Raikou can be found within Mossy cave, in the Thunder Cavern. Suicune can be found within Mossy cave, in the Water Cavern. Entei can be found within Mossy cave, in the Fire Cavern. To find where Latios and Latias can be found, you’ll need to beat Hoenn E4.

Why is chansey so hard to catch?

In Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, and Pokémon Yellow, Chansey can only be found in the Safari Zone and Cerulean Cave! While Chansey shows up more often in the Safari Zone, it is harder to catch there because Trainers are limited to Safari balls and risk Chansey running away.

What is snorlax weakness?

What is Chansey hidden ability?

Pokédex data

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National № 113
Species Egg Pokémon
Height 1.1 m (3′07″)
Weight 34.6 kg (76.3 lbs)
Abilities 1. Natural Cure 2. Serene Grace Healer (hidden ability)

Does Chansey evolve?

What are the odds of finding a Chansey with a lucky egg?

When you find a Chansey, there’s a 5% chance that it’s holding a Lucky Egg.

How do you sleep in Pokemon planet?

A sleeping Snorlax is blocking the path at the junction where it meets Route 11, hence the Poké Flute should be obtained first from Mr. Fugi in Lavender Tower, so as to remove the Snorlax and access this route.

Wild Pokémon.

Pokémon Oddish
Type Grass
Method Grass
Rarity Uncommon

Can you breed Chansey with Ditto?

Chansey is a female-only species of Pokémon. The only way to breed them is with a Ditto.

Can Azurill breed with Ditto?

For Azurill you need to give the Marill/Azumarill a Sea Incense, then breed with a Marill/Azumarill/Ditto and you will get an Azurill. See the bottom of our breeding page for a full list of Pokemon that need items.

Is Chansey better than blissey?

If your team is fast paced, Chansey is a better choice, because it takes hits better in short term, while if your team is more slow and stallish, Blissey is better, as she will be staying a lot in, and thus gaining a lot of Lefties healing, which means that she is going to take hits better in long term.

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