Frequent question: Do any Pokemon have names?

Why does Ash never name his Pokemon?

3 Answers. My theory is that the reason Ash doesn’t nickname his Pokémon is because the creators don’t want to confuse new viewers, as a result they make Ash keep the original Pokémon’s names so the target audience isn’t overwhelmed with all this new stuff and are put off.

Does Ash nickname his Pokemon?

During this particular trip to New York, he says, he’s even nicknamed a few captured Psyducks “Psyduck NYC.” “Most of my nicknames are more about playing with the characters to sound like a fun little nickname,” he adds. … “But the reason for that because in the animated series, Ash never nicknamed his pokémon.”

What is all the Pokemon name?


Ndex Pokémon Type
#142 Aerodactyl Rock
#306 Aggron Steel
#190 Aipom Normal
#065 Alakazam Psychic

Who is Ash’s dad?

Prior to Pokemon the Movie: Coco, much of what was known of Ash’s father comes from a short phone call with his mother, Delia Ketchum. According to the second episode of the original Pokemon anime, “Pokemon Emergency!,” Mr. Ketchum set off on a Pokemon training journey of his own.

What’s the rarest Pokémon?

We’ll update this guide as things change, but in August 2021 the rarest Pokémon you can potentially get your hands on are:

  • Meloette.
  • Shiny Mew.
  • Meinfoo.
  • Delibird.
  • Yamask.
  • Armoured Mewtwo.
  • Spiritomb.
  • Wash Rotom.
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