Best answer: How do you get to Anistar city in Pokemon Y?

How do I get from Couriway town to Anistar city?

1 Answer

  1. Start at Anistar City.
  2. Go to the right of Anistar City and head down, making your way to Route 18.
  3. At Route 18, first person you’re see is the guard wearing the blue hat. …
  4. Simply make your way down the stairs and head all the way town.
  5. Arrival at Couriway Town.

Where is Professor Sycamore’s treasure in Couriway town?

1 Answer. >At the right lower bench, and the leftmost seat. Press A. You don’t need the dowsing machine and it’s right near the Pokeball.

How do you get to Anistar City?

After you ride the Mamoswine through the deep snow of Mamoswine Road, you reach Anistar City.

Do you need rock smash to get through terminus cave?

Terminus Cave is an optional cave in mountain Kalos. … Like many other caves in Kalos, you can find Pokemon simply by walking around, using Rock Smash on cracked boulders, or by walking under black spots and being attacked from the ceiling.

Where do I go after Lysandre declaration?

1 Answer. You got to go to Lumiose city and go to Lysandre café (A team flare grunt is standing outside) and defeat the 2 grunts inside (they don´t look like Team flare grunts) and then a secret door opens go in and meet Lysandre and he fights and talks.

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What do you do after you beat Olympia?

48 Meowstic. After defeating Olympia, she’ll give you the Psychic Badge, allowing Pokemon up to Lv. 90 to obey you.

Why is AZ immortal?

Heartbroken, AZ invented a machine that harnessed the powers of Xerneas/Yveltal the legendary Pokemon of death/life, in order to give eternal life and bring the dead back to life, at the cost of draining the life energy of other beings. He used it to recover his Floette which in turn also made both of them immortal.

Why is AZ Floette different?

Eternal Flower Floette’s stats are notably higher than a regular Floette and sit more closely to those of Florges. Unlike a regular Floette however, she cannot evolve or breed (and is unaffected by the Eviolite). … Her cry is different from a regular Floette. She also has a base experience yield of 243.

Is Lysandre dead?

Yes. Lysandre did die in the blast fired by the Ultimate Weapon, and can be proven through logic. The pure power of the Infinity Energy (as it is identified in ORAS) is so incredibly powerful as to being able to wipe out the planet. Lysandre took a direct hit.

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