Question: Which Is The Biggest District In Karnataka?

Which is the second largest city in Karnataka?

Hubli (also called Hubballi) is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka.

It forms a continuous urban area with the city of Dharwad.

It is the nerve centre for North Karnataka region & the fastest growing city after capital Bangalore in the state of Karnataka.

Which is the highest population district in Karnataka?

Karnataka and Disticts population 2011

State/District Total Population
14 SHIMOGA 17,55,512
15 UDUPI 11,77,908
16 CHIKMAGALUR 11,37,753
17 TUMKUR 26,81,449

27 more rows

Which is smallest district in Karnataka?


How many districts are there in Karnataka in 2018?

30 districts

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Which is the fastest growing city in Karnataka?

Hubli. Hubli is the second largest city in Karnataka and one of the fastest growing agglomerating city in the state,located at Maharashtra-Karnataka border.

Which is the most populated city in Karnataka?

The capital of karnatka is Bangalore, which is the largest city in Karnataka and also called as Garden city in India.

Given below is the list of top 10 big cities in Karnataka on the basis of area.

  • Bangalore.
  • Hubli.
  • Mangalore.
  • Belgaum.
  • Mysore.
  • Bijapur.
  • Bellary.
  • Devanagare.

Which is the famous city in Karnataka?


Most Populous Districts in Karnataka State

# District Population
1 Bangalore 96,21,551
2 Belgaum 47,79,661
3 Mysore 30,01,127
4 Tumkur 26,78,980

26 more rows

How many Hoblis are there in Karnataka?

Karnataka State has been divided into four Revenue divisions, 49 sub-divisions, 27 districts, 175 taluks and 745 hoblies/Revenue Circles for administrative purposes. The State has 27,028 inhabited and 2,362 uninhabited villages, 281 towns and urban agglomerations.

Who is the first king of Karnataka?

The Kadambas are regarded as the earliest royal dynasty of Karnataka. The dynasty was founded by Mayurasharma. This dynasty ruled over North Karnataka and the Konkan from Banavasi. The Kadambas were the first rulers to use Kannada language at the administrative level.

Which district has highest number of taluks in Karnataka?

Raichur is a district, with Raichur as the headquarters, is in the state of Karnataka with 5 Taluks , namely, Devadurga, Lingsugur, Manvi, Raichur and Sindhnur.

Are veerashaiva Brahmins?

The Lingayats were also anti-Brahmin as evidenced by the polemics against the Brahmins in early Veerashaiva literature. According to Gauri Lankesh, “Lingayats are followers of Basavanna,” while Veerashaivism is a Vedic Shaiva tradition, which “accepts the Vedic texts and practices like caste and gender discrimination.”

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How many districts are in Karnataka state?

List of districts in Karnataka. The Indian State of Karnataka is divided into 30 districts and 4 administrative divisions.

Which is district of Karnataka?

Administrative Divisions of Karnataka

Bangalore Division Belgaum Division Kalaburagi Division
Chitradurga Dharwad Koppal
Davanagere Gadag Raichur
Kolar Haveri Yadgir
Ramanagara Uttara Kannada

5 more rows

How many ministers are there in Karnataka?

As of June 2018, the Government of Karnataka consists of 27 ministers including Chief Minister and a Deputy Chief Minister.

Which is richest city in Karnataka?

Mysore was the capital of pricely state of Mysore before independence. It is the third largest city in Karnataka.


  1. BEL.
  3. National Law School.
  4. National Institute of Fashion Techonology (NIFT)
  5. Biggest IT Industry in India – “Silicon Valley of India”

Which is the oldest city in Karnataka?

‘Belgaum’ is one of the oldest cities among the cities of Karnataka state. In the history of Karnataka and South India, Belgaum has its unique and commanding position, because Belgaum was a part of the ancient Kuntal province.

Which is the second capital of Karnataka?


Which is third largest city in Karnataka?

Bangalore. Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru ([ˈbeŋɡəɭuːɾu] ( listen)), is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It has a population of over ten million, making it a megacity and the third-most populous city and fifth-most populous urban agglomeration in India.

Which is the clean city in Karnataka?

Mysuru is third cleanest in India, only Karnataka city in top 100. Mangaluru emerged as the second cleanest city in the state in the Swachh Survekshan 2019 survey but was placed at an all-India rank of 165.

Which district has highest population in Karnataka after Bangalore?

The detail analysis of Population Census 2011 published by Govt. of India for Karnataka state reveal that population of Karnataka has increased by 15.60% in this decade compared (2001-2011) to past decade (1991-2001).

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Districts of Karnataka.

District Bangalore
Population 9,621,551
Increase 47.18 %
Sex Ratio 916
Literacy 87.67 %

31 more columns

What is famous in Karnataka?

Coorg is also known by its native name ‘Kodagu’ and is located on the slopes of the Western Ghats. It is a hilly location and is famous for its lush green surroundings and pleasant climate. It is also an important agricultural town in Karnataka and is famous for its coffee and paddy fields.

How many MP are there in Karnataka?

Karnataka has 28 parliamentary seats in total to give the parties contesting in the Lok Sabha elections. According to the announcement by the Election Commission of India, the state will go for polling in two phases for its different constituencies.

How many villages are there in Karnataka state?

KARNATAKA – District, Village, Pincode. There are total 31 districts under KARNATAKA state.

Which is the state fruit of Karnataka?

Jackfruit was Declared as Official State Fruit of Kerala on 21 March 2018.

How did the name Karnataka come?

Though several etymologies have been suggested for the name Karnataka, the generally accepted one is that Karnataka is derived from the Kannada words karu and nādu, meaning “elevated land”. It actually made sense to rename Mysore State as Karnataka because the state was way bigger than the erstwhile Kingdom of Mysore.

Why was Mysore renamed as Karnataka?

It was formed on 1 November 1956, with the passage of the States Reorganisation Act. Originally known as the State of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973.

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