What is Australia’s longest single river?

Darling River (between the Culgoa River and River Murray) New South Wales 1545

Is the Murray River the longest river in the world?

The Murray River is the world’s 16th-longest river at 2,520 kilometres from its source in the Kosciusko National Park. It is fed by several rivers on it’s journey from the Australian Alps. The main feeding rivers are the Darling and Murrumbidgee Rivers.

What is the smallest river in Australia?

The Patterson River is a partly man-made urban river of the Port Phillip catchment, located in the south-eastern Greater Melbourne region of the Australian state of Victoria. It is the shortest river in Victoria at only 5 kilometres in length.

Patterson River.

Patterson Carrum Creek
Basin features
River system Port Phillip catchment

What is the longest river in a single country?

Yangtze River – 6,378 km

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The Yangtze River is the world’s third longest river and the longest to flow entirely within one country.

What are the two major rivers in Australia?

The rivers in the Basin form Australia’s largest river system. The two main rivers in the Basin, the Murray and the Darling, are two of Australia’s longest rivers.

Do crocodiles live in the Murray River?

A freshwater crocodile has been found in the Murray River near the New South Wales-Victoria border, thousands of kilometres south of home.

Why is Brisbane River so dirty?

“The Brisbane River gets its brown colour from the mud and soil, or sediment, that has been washed into the river. “When it rains, the water flows over the land and picks up sediment and transports it into creeks and waterways, ultimately ending up in the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay.

What is the lowest point called in Australia?

The lowest point is the dry bed of Lake Eyre, South Australia, which is 15 metres below sea level.

Which is the longest river of world?


  • Nile: 4,132 miles.
  • Amazon: 4,000 miles.
  • Yangtze: 3,915 miles.

What is Australia’s largest lake?

Largest salt lakes

Lake Eyre South Australia 9690
Lake Torrens South Australia 5745
Lake Gairdner South Australia 4351

What is the 12 longest river in the world?

The 25 Longest Rivers in the World

  1. Nile. 4,135 miles. North/East Africa.
  2. Amazon. 3,980 miles. South America.
  3. Chang Jiang (Yangtze) 3,917 miles. China.
  4. Mississippi-Missouri. 3,870 miles. USA.
  5. Yenisey. 3,434 miles. Russia.
  6. Huang He. 3,395 miles. China.
  7. Ob-Irtysh. 3,354 miles. Russia.
  8. Congo. 2,914 miles. Central Africa.
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Which country has most river?

Russia (36 Rivers) Russia is the largest country in the world, so it seems apt that it also possess the most rivers over 600 miles in length. Arguably the most important is the Volga River, recognized as the cradle of Russian civilization and the location of Kazan and Volgograd, among other major cities.

Which is the shortest river in the world?

The Roe River is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s shortest river. The Roe flows 200 feet between Giant Springs and the Missouri River near Great Falls. The Roe River competes with the D River in Lincoln City, Oregon for the title of the shortest river.

What is Australia’s most important river?

Longest rivers nationally

Order River name Length
1 Murray River 1,476
2 Murrumbidgee River 923
3 Darling River 915

What is the longest creek in Australia?

The Billabong Creek, a partly perennial stream of the Murray River catchment within the Murray-Darling basin, is located in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. At 320 kilometres, Billabong Creek is believed to be the longest creek in the world.

What is the fastest flowing river in Australia?

When flowing at its maximum capacity, the Broken River is the fastest river in Australia, however over summer-periods the flow falters, revealing to deep pools joined by thin runs, and in droughts it reduces further to isolated water holes.

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