Quick Answer: Which is the largest producer in India?

Crop State
The largest producer of paddy in India West Bengal
The largest producer of wheat in India Uttar Pradesh
The largest producer of sugarcane in India Uttar Pradesh
The largest producer of potato in India Uttar Pradesh

Which state is the largest producer of fruits in India?

Andhra Pradesh produced the largest volume of fruits in India, accounting for over 17 million metric tons in financial year 2020. Maharashtra came in second at over 11 million metric tons that year. As a leading producer of low-cost fruits and vegetables, the country had an enormous export market.

Is the largest producer of rice?

The total volume of milled rice produced worldwide reached 495.9 million metric tons in the 2018/2019 crop year.

Leading countries based on the production of milled rice in 2018/2019 (in million metric tons)*

Production in million metric tons
China 148.5
India 116.42
Indonesia 36.7
Bangladesh 34.91
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Which is the largest producer of rice in India?

Production(000 Tonnes)

Sr No. State Production
1 West Bengal 14,970.00
2 Punjab 13,380.00
3 Uttar Pradesh 13,270.00

Is the largest producer of wheat?

The quantities of wheat in the following table are in million metric tonnes. All countries with a typical production quantity of at least 2 million metric tonnes are listed below.

International wheat production statistics.

Country China
2016 131.7
2015 130.2
2014 126.2
2013 121.7

Which state is largest fruit bowl of country?

Answer. Himachal Pradesh is know as Fruit Bowl of India.

Which is the largest fruit in India?

India is the world’s largest producer of Mangoes, along with Banana, Papaya, and Lemon. Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra are the topmost Banana producing Indian states.

Who is the largest exporter of food?

Largest Food Exports By Country

Rank Country Value of Food Exports (US Dollars, Thousands)
1 United States 72,682,349.79
2 Germany 34,628,800.73
3 United Kingdom 29,540,218.71
4 China 25,152,286.27

Which country is the largest producer of mica?

The largest mica producer in the world in 2020 was China, producing about 95,000 metric tons of mica. Following China was Finland, which produced 65,000 metric tons that year.

Mica production worldwide in 2020, by country (in metric tons)*

Production in metric tons

Who has the best rice in the world?

For the third straight year, the World Rice Conference has voted Cambodian rice as the world’s best. This year Cambodia shares the award with Thailand. Cambodia produced just one percent of the world’s rice in 2012.

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Which state of India is called bowl of rice?

The Krishna-Godavari delta region is historically called the Rice Bowl of India, yet the same term is also used for Chhattisgarh. In Andhra Pradesh the East Godavari district is known as the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh.

Which state eats the most rice?

Hawaii has the highest rice consumption per person in the U.S. at an average of 100 pounds (45kg) per year.

What is the most popular rice in India? Basmati and Kolam are the two most popular rice in India.

Which is the best wheat in the world?

Here is an overview of the world’s top ten wheat-producing countries.

  • Russia (85,863,132 Tonnes)
  • United States (47,370,880 Tonnes) …
  • France (36,924,938 Tonnes) …
  • Australia (31,818,744 Tonnes) …
  • Canada (29,984,200 Tonnes) …
  • Pakistan (26,674,000 Tonnes) …
  • Ukraine (26,208,980 Tonnes) …
  • Germany (24,481,600 Tonnes) …

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Which country is first in agriculture?

Agriculture, value added (current US$) – Country Ranking

Rank Country Value
1 China 978,453,000,000.00
2 India 396,987,000,000.00
3 United States 178,580,000,000.00
4 Indonesia 133,480,000,000.00

Which production was first in India?

It is the second largest producer of wheat, rice, sugar, groundnut and inland fish. It is the third largest producer of tobacco. India accounts for 10% of the world fruit production with first rank in the production of banana and sapota.

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