Frequent question: What country is the second largest archipelago in the world?

Rank Location (total number of islands) Name of the archipelagos
1 Norway Norwegian Archipelago
2 Finland Archipelago Sea
3 Canada Canadian Arctic Archipelago
4 Stockholm archipelago, Sweden Stockholm archipelago

What is the 2nd largest archipelago in the world?

Canadian Arctic Archipelago

It is also known as Arctic Archipelago. It is second largest Archipelago by area and comprises of 36, 563 islands.

Is Philippines the second largest archipelago in the world?

The Philippines are the world’s second largest archipelago after Indonesia.

Which country is the largest archipelagic country in the world?

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world consisting of 17,499 islands with a long coastline of 81,000 km and its waters consist of territorial sea, archipelagic waters and inland waters covering 2.7 million km or 70% of the territory of Indonesia.

Which of the following is the largest archipelago?

Notes: The Malay Archipelago is the largest archipelago by area and fourth by the number of islands in the world. It comprises over 25,000 islands . It is situated between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean and between mainland Indochina and Australia.

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What is the largest island chain in the world?

Malay Archipelago, largest group of islands in the world, consisting of the more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia and the approximately 7,000 islands of the Philippines. The regional name “East Indies” is sometimes used as a synonym for the archipelago.

Which country has most island?

Website claims that out of all countries on the planet, Sweden has the most islands with 221,800, the majority of which are uninhabited.

Is Philippines a rich or poor country?

The economy of the Philippines is the world’s 29th largest economy by nominal GDP according to the International Monetary Fund 2020 and the 13th largest economy in Asia. The Philippines is one of the emerging markets and the 3rd highest in Southeast Asia by GDP nominal after Thailand and Indonesia.

What is the old name of Philippines?

A Spanish explorer first named the archipelago Las Islas Filipinas (Philippine Islands) in honor of Spain’s King Philip II. Spain ruled the Philippines for three centuries, then the U.S. occupied it for 48 years.

What is the smallest archipelago in the world?

New Zealand Archipelago consists of many islands, estimated around six hundred,[mainly remnants of a larger land mass now beneath the sea. So this may be considered as the smallest Archipelago.

Can you buy an island and make it a country?

You can buy islands in many countries, but that means that you are a landowner, not a separate country. While most countries will not surrender sovereignty over a piece of land, it might be possible to find one so poor or corrupt that it would do so.

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What is the smallest island country in the world?

An area of just 21 km² makes Nauru to the world’s smallest island nation.

How many islands are in the World 2020?

2020 (N=265):

Is Sweden an archipelago?

Sweden is largely surrounded by ocean and has vast archipelagos on both the east and west coasts.

Is Korea an archipelago?

The Korean Archipelago is a group of about 3,500 islands in the South Sea of Korea, just off the coast of southwestern Korean Peninsula. The largest islands are Jindo, Namhaedo and Geojedo, each more than 300 km2 (120 sq mi) in area.

Korean archipelago.

Korean name
Revised Romanization Dadohae
McCune–Reischauer Tadohae

Which countries are Archipelago?

Several large countries are archipelagos. Some examples are Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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