Frequent question: What is the biggest fish in Tennessee?

The Tennessee state record blue catfish caught on rod & reel weighed 112 pounds. The largest blue catfish ever caught by a commercial fisherman using a net weighed 130 lbs.

What’s the biggest fish caught in Tennessee?


Blue 112 lbs. Robert E. Lewis
Flathead 85 lbs. 15 oz. Larry Kaylor
Black Bullhead 3 lbs. 6 oz. Hunter Chance Gaither
Brown Bullhead 3 lbs. 15 oz. Gary Dean Arthur
Species Weight Caught By

Are there pike in Tennessee?

There are two species of pike commonly sought by anglers, the muskellunge and the pickerel. The muskellunge occurs as two distinct strains. The first is native to streams in the northern portion of the Cumberland Plateau. It has been reintroduced to several other streams in middle and eastern Tennessee.

What kind of fish are in Tennessee creeks?


  • Longear Sunfish. This is a beautiful fish with red-orange spots and blue-green iridescent markings. …
  • Channel Catfish. Considered most popular for its delicious eating on the kitchen table, the channel catfish are plentiful in large streams. …
  • Spotted Gar. …
  • Largemouth Bass. …
  • Paddlefish. …
  • Black Crappie.
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Are there alligator gar in Tennessee?

There are five surviving species of gar still swimming in the waters of the Southeastern United States today, including alligator gar, spotted gar, longnose gar, shortnose gar, and Florida gar. … Gar remains have been reported from at least 15 sites in Tennessee including Eva, Castalian Springs, Fewkes, and Toqua.

Can a catfish kill a human?

Some in North America can inflict a sting that humans notice. Elsewhere in the world, a few catfish species can even kill humans. The new count of venomous catfish — which may be more than 1,600, the scientists estimate — is much higher than thought.

How many catfish can you keep in Tennessee?

Catfish: Only one catfish over 34 inches may be harvested per day. No harvest limit on catfish less than 34 inches.

How many bluegill can you keep in Tennessee?

Redear Sunfish: 20 per day, no length limit. Bluegill/Warmouth and other sunfishes: no creel or length limit.

What is a pike in Tennessee?

The pikes were the main roads for farmers bringing goods to market and visitors arriving from other parts of Middle Tennessee.

Are there Muskie in Tennessee?

Musky can be found throughout East Tennessee, most notably Melton Hill which is partially located in Knox county.

Are there leeches in Tennessee?

There are leeches in the TN river system.. see one every once in a while.

Are there salmon in Tennessee?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to travel to the cold waters of Nova Scotia to catch Atlantic salmon. They’re right here in Tennessee on a private spring fed lake. .

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What wildlife is in Tennessee?

Tennessee ecosystems provide habitats for many bird, insect and turtle species as well as bats, red squirrels, chipmunks, foxes, bobcats, black bears, shrews, jumping mice, night herons, mussels, salamanders, raccoons and frogs.

Is gar fish good to eat?

However, although the fish are edible, their eggs are toxic to mammals and birds. Many people say that gar are not a good fish to eat. However, most of them have probably never eaten a gar. Most gar grow large enough to provide thick “steaks” of boneless meat that is both delicious and edible.

Can you swim in Douglas Lake TN?

Fun on the Water

There are plenty of adventures to be had at Douglas Lake TN. The lake is open to swimming everywhere, so you can cool off from the heat and wade in the water anywhere you want! If you want a more thrilling experience, rent a jet ski and race across the water, or go wakeboarding.

Does Tennessee have good fishing?

For those who love to fish, Tennessee has a plethora of stocked ponds, pristine lakes and fish farms to enjoy all year long. With 500,000 acres of lakes and 50,000 miles of streams and rivers in Tennessee, a beautiful, relaxing day on the water is right around the corner.

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