Quick Answer: Does it matter what ball you use on Eternatus?

Can you use any Poké Ball for Eternatus?

You cannot fail to catch Eternatus. As soon as you’re able to try and catch it after you deplete all of its health, you can throw any type of Poké Ball and it will automatically catch it. You don’t need to worry about this part. Simply put: It’s impossible to beat the game without getting Eternatus on your team.

Should I use a master ball on Eternatus?

Don’t use the Master Ball to catch standard Raid Den Pokemon. If you’re the host, Raid Den Pokemon have 100% catch rate. You can use Eternatus at Lvl. 100 to steamroll Level 5 Raid Dens solo.

What Poké Ball works best on legendary?

Best Pokeballs To Use On Legendary Pokemon In The Crown Tundra. There are two types of balls that are critical for Legendary Hunting — Timer Balls and Quick Balls.

What Poké Ball should I use to catch Zamazenta?

If you’re looking to go for this, your best bets are the Ultra Ball and Timer Ball. Timer Balls will be your absolute best bet if this fight goes long, so grab some of them. If you’re going to use a Master Ball, just throw it on turn one and you’ll catch Zacian or Zamazenta.

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Is Eternatus a guaranteed catch?

How to catch Eternatus in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Luckily, Eternatus is actually really easy to catch in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In fact, it’s impossible to not catch, as it has a guaranteed capture rate when you finally reach it towards the end of the game.

What happens if you don’t catch Eternatus?

Eternatus is one of the few Pokémon you can’t fail to catch, so throw a normal Poké Ball if you want to, because it doesn’t matter in the end. The game essentially gives you a free Uber Tier Pokémon that also has a move, Dynamax Cannon, that deals a base 200 damage to any target that’s Dynamaxed.

Can a master ball fail?

Only in Gen 1, in all other gens it’s impossible for it to fail.

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