Question: How many Dark type Pokemon are there?

As of Generation VIII, there are 66 Dark-type Pokémon or 7.33% of all Pokémon (counting those that are Dark-type in at least one of their forms, including Mega Evolutions and regional forms), making it the 8th or 9th rarest type, tying with Fighting.

Are there Dark types in Gen 1?

The Dark type (あくタイプ Aku taipu) is one of the eighteen Pokémon elemental types. The Dark type was added in Generation II to counteract the Psychic type’s dominance in Generation I, by being completely immune to it and able to hit Psychic types super-effectively.

Who was the first Dark-type Pokemon?

Generation II and Johto were the first instances of Dark-type Pokemon in the series. This continuation of the Pokemon franchise added two brand new types, Steel and Dark. These were to balance some of the more powerful types found in the Kanto region.

Is there an ice dragon type Pokemon?

4 Kyurem. Unlike Resharim and Zekrom, Kyurem could be found in both Pokemon Black & White and would appear in the Giant Chasm. This legendary dragon creature is also an ice type, and the strongest of the three legendary dragons in Pokemon Black & White.

Why is dark weak to fighting?

Dark types are weak to (and resisted by) fighting because most types of fighting emphasize discipline; many of them put themselves in painful situations to strengthen themselves.

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What Pokémon is immune to dark?

Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained in Pokémon Go

Type Strong Against Resistant To
Ice Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon Ice
Dragon Dragon Fire, Water, Grass, Electric
Fairy Fighting, Dragon, Dark Fighting, Bug, Dragon, Dark
Dark Ghost, Psychic Ghost, Psychic, Dark

What is fairy weak to?

Fairy-type Pokémon are strong against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokémon, but are weak to Poison and Steel types. With Fairy Pokémon’s vulnerability to two different types of moves, there’s a variety of counters worth picking if you’re going up against Fairy types in your next battle.

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