How do you know what IVs your Pokemon sword is?

How do I know if my Pokemon has perfect IVs?

You can check IV’s in Pokemon Sword & Shield by unlocking the Judge feature. You must first complete the entire game, and then reach rank 4 at the Battle Tower. Once you have reached Rank 4, you can check your Pokemon’s IV at any box, even the one in your inventory.

What is a 6 IV Pokémon?

6IV is referring to the number of perfect IVs, so a 6IV pokemon has 6 perfect 31s. While 6IV is technically a perfect pokemon it is easier to breed 5IV pokemon and there is always a stat that is not necessary. 1. cephalopodAscendant. 6y.

How do you know if a Pokémon has good stats?

Tap the three bars “Menu” icon in the bottom right. Select “Appraisal”. Your team leader will tell you your Pokémon’s IVs. You’ll see IVs represented as bars for HP, Attack, and Defense, as well as an overall “star” rating that tells you how good the Pokémon is in general.

Can you breed 2 dittos?

Unlike most other Pokemon, you can’t breed more Ditto, but it’s beneficial for Dittos that you use for breeding to have good IVs to make the process easier. … Any Ditto that has at least one perfect IV can be useful.

Is Hyper trained the same as Best?

Rather than actually changing a Pokémon’s IVs, Hyper Training sets a modifier for the game to treat that stat as if it had an IV of 31. … IVs that have been set to 31 via Hyper Training will say “Hyper trained!” rather than “Best” when the Pokémon is judged by the Judge program in the PC.

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