How do you become a Pokemon world champion?

Pokémon TCG and video game players qualify for Worlds by earning Championship Points at events throughout the Championship Series season. The number of Championship Points required to receive an invitation is based on both geographical rating zone and age division.

How much do Pokemon champions make?

Pokémon TCG World Championships Prizes

Finish Position Award Value
1st place $25,000
2nd place $15,000
3rd–4th place $7,500
5th–8th place $5,000

Who is the current world champion in Pokemon?

Video Game Championships (VGC)

Year Juniors Masters
2016 Cory Connor Wolfe Glick
2017 Nicholas Kan Ryota Otsubo
2018 Wonn Lee Paul Ruiz
2019 Pi Wu Naoto Mizobuchi

Is Smogon singles or doubles?

While Smogon Doubles (henceforth known as simply “Doubles”) and VGC are played in the same Doubles format as opposed to the Singles format many Smogonites are used to, the two formats have enough small differences to be largely separate from each other.

Can you win money from Pokémon?

Pokémon TCG and video game competitors from around the world are competing for the title of World Champion, as well as more than $500,000 in prizes, at the 2017 Pokémon World Championships. The format of the prize is dependent on the age of the recipient.

Can I get paid to play Pokemon go?

If you’re a Pokemon Go addict, you may be excited to hear that one company is now offering to PAY people to play the game. , an online marketplace that enables members to make money from their hobbies, has published an advertisement for the “first ever Pokemon job in the world”.

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Who is the strongest champion in Pokémon?

Cynthia is the strongest of the Pokemon Champions, followed by Leon, Iris, Steven, Blue, Lance, Diantha, Alder, and Wallace ranked in terms of strength.

Who is the best Pokemon player in the world?


Rank Competitor W/L
#1 Doonebug97 Mazer, Boston, Massachusetts 85.3%
#2 vaNNiii Infinity GO, Gijón, Asturias – CDB Team Spain 80.24%
#3 Ventuski Rigurosos Gaming – Santiago, Chile 81.1%
#4 Ieandrooo Haßloch, Germany 76.43%
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